We have been providing digital marketing services for over a decade, specialising in a range of industries, business types, and geographies. Established in 2006, Predicta Digital helped to define the evolution and growth of digital marketing and have been delivering high-quality and professional marketing strategies ever since. Currently employing a vibrant team of experts and specialists, Predicta Digital offers effective and outcome driven marketing solutions to businesses worldwide.

The Predicta team has the great understanding of Digital Marketplace and what it takes to achieve great results for our esteemed clients in the ever-competitive digital environment. Put simply, we strive to make sure our customers get More Clicks, More Calls and More Business. 


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Strictly ROI Driven

At Predicta digital, we not only understand the importance of design and creativity but, we also put a strong emphasis on the importance of results and the process of achieving them. Such line of approach helps our clients reach their goals easily.

We customise our approach to specific industries and their target markets each time, ensuring that these targets are met. We do this through a four-step iterative process:

  •           Pilot and Test Campaign
  •           Analyse and Review
  •           Iterate
  •          Redeploy and Scale Up

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Cohesive & Customised Approach

There are an overwhelming amount of options today for marketing online. But, what makes Predicta Digital different from other digital agencies is our customised and integrated approach to online marketing.

We work alongside our clients to ensure that we are developing and marketing a unique selling proposition so that their business stands out from an over-crowded marketplace. Through differentiating our client’s brand from their close competitors, we broaden their opportunity to connect with their current and future prospects.

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Greater Expereince

We have been specialising in digital marketing as a business for over 10 years and have worked with over hundreds of companies during this tenure. We have an extensive experience in marketing for a wide range of industries, products, and markets. By choosing Predicta Digital, our customers will gain the rewards of our marketing efforts, our subject matter expertise and our level of experience.

At Predicta Digital, we aim to delight all our customers and thrive on getting positive results. We not only focus on what we deliver but, also on how we deliver. This is the foundation for which our clients always prefer to continue working with us.

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Result Oriented Approach

Customers can only manage what can be measured, however seeing the partial picture of your online presence is almost as concerning as seeing no picture at all. Predicta Digital’s 360-degree approach covers all aspects of your company’s online presence and leads; providing comprehensive reports and key insights.

Transparency is the key factor here and we constantly assure that our customers get the best results, by updating them with regular performance reports, which include tracking against set targets and goals.

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Fully Equipped Marketing Service

Most small to medium-sized businesses do not need a full time digital marketing manager and this is where we complement our clients with our customised packages. Our clients can outsource the digital marketing department and enjoy the benefits of a one-stop solution. We take care of everything, including keeping in pace with the constantly changing world of online marketing, so that our customers can put 100% of their effort and resources in the right direction to scale up their dream businesses.

Predicta Digital also provides valuable additions even if the customer has in-house digital marketing model. Predicta Digital will provide assistance through subject matter experts who will implement and maintain short, mid and long-term objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Rich Industry Experience

Every business is unique, but, the challenges are often similar for a particular industry. Predicta Digital’s rich experience in working with a wide range of industries and companies across the globe helps customers to ensure the right online impact in no time. We have access to up-to-date industry benchmarks to track and provide comparative analytics to our clients. This helps them to make informed decisions.

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Simplicity is in our DNA

In the era of “digitalisation” and the “internet of things,” it is indeed a complex task to strategise and implement a digital marketing strategy. We at Predicta Digital have effectively simplified a very complex notion by following our state of the art processes and project management techniques. We ask simple questions and provide simple yet valuable results to avoid wasting time, money and frustration. Put simply, we make sure that your business gets more clicks, more calls and more sales.

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