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Critical Tasks that you should outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

Critical Tasks that you should outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

As a business owner, you may experience ups and downs with your business on a regular basis. But, the last thing any business owner would like to scratch his/her head upon is probably deciding on a digital marketing strategy!

To create an influence and have a measurable impact in the digital marketing world, it’s no more an option, but has actually become a necessity to trust and employ digital marketing professionals (SEO Agency/ Social Media Marketing Agency) to boost up the profit charts.

In House Team vs. Outsourcing?

Now the question arises whether you should engage your internal staff, or outsource the digital marketing tasks to a trusted SEO Agency Melbourne? Before you think about engaging the former, here are some benefits about hiring a digital marketing agency:

  • Up to date practices, industry updates and the latest trends are applied daily within the scope of their work – ensuring high rates of success.
  • Meet genuine experts who know well about their subjects.

Pro Tip: If you are hiring a digital marketing agency, make sure their staff should include at least the following experts – Digital Strategists, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, Content Writer, Ad Manager, Graphic Designer and Accounts Manager.

  • Your in-house team can better focus on core objectives and goals of your business for which they are hired for, for example, manufacturing and production, designing, sales etc. This in turn actually increase productivity and thus, indirectly reduces the total cost to the company by at least 36%! Thus, you exchange a high scope of profit at an affordable price for highly skilled experts compared to paying an employee of your internal staff and compromising on quality performance.
  • Since the ultimate aim of a digital marketing agency would be to bring more leads, they would invest all their time and energy unquestionably, and probably more than what you pay to them! Thus, it doesn’t only save your time and money, but also helps your business to grow and become industry experts in the shortest possible time.

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Some of the Critical Tasks that you should outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine OptimizationBefore anything else, your site requires a complete website audit to be geared up for an effective search engine optimization. Some of the SEO tasks that you should immediately think about outsourcing are:

  • Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Designing and curating catchy headlines, meta tags, landing page edits etc.
  • Performing offsite optimization
  • Researching and implementing latest SEO trends.
  • Handling social bookmarking.
  • Keeping your site up-to-date with the latest Google Algorithm updates.
  • Running website audits and assessments at least once a month.

AnalyticsDeciphering the analytics may not always be easy, especially if you are a novice in the world of SEO. Analytics can be tricky and monitoring them, followed up by taking far-sighted strategic decisions, are best understood by the industry experts. Digital marketing experts would help you get reports on trend monitoring, rate of customer acquisition and management, identifying long term management and visitor responses, analyzing engagements and calculating cost effective marketing techniques that may best suit your business – all of which will help you to set your upcoming business goals.

Content WritingIt’s no more a doubt that content writing is the king of SEO and a fierce content can be one of the strongest reasons of driving traffic to your website and provoking readers to turn into real buyers. Building content doesn’t only confides to blog writing, but quality content should also be implemented towards e-mail marketing programs, on-site and off-site contents, creating content for images, infographics, slides or videos, social media posts etc.

Social Media ManagementSocial Media is another niche that should be on your priority list for your digital marketing campaigns. However, a good social media campaign no doubt requires a lot of time investment and an enormous amount of effort for content research and content + image curation for each individual post that needs to be updated several times a day. Therefore, it’s best to outsource it to a team who have an expertise in SMO and Viral Marketing to endow maximum reach for your target audiences using both organic and paid reach.

E-mail MarketingE-mail marketing or newsletter campaigning is another great way to ‘attract’ as well as ‘retain’ both B2B and B2C customers. Since this technique is quite old school, you would require the help of experts who know how potential customers would respond to certain e-mails. Outsourcing e-mail marketing would keep you away from thinking about those chores of creating newsletters, proofreading and editing mails, responding to questions, scheduling and sending off bulk mails.

Reputation ManagementSince 97% of the customers who are looking for certain product/services would look up to a platform/business who have some trusted online credentials/reviews for their business, it’s essential for your business to build a good reputation in the digital world. However, since it’s a very time-consuming process and playing with words may not always be an easy process, it’s best to let handle those negative comments, social media comments, troll management, negative press and consumer feedback to the hands of the experts.

Ad ManagementWhether it’s about Facebook Ads, PPC Campaigns or Google AdWords Campaigns, you must always rely to a pro rather than trusting your business instincts. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to utilize different advertising channels effortlessly, each time with a refreshing story that will attract even more potential buyers.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is undoubtedly a smart decision, especially if you are a start-up, small or medium scale business/industry looking for scope of expansion and business profit.



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