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Small Business SEO – Top Tips you Need to Know

Are you new to the world of SEOs? Well, it isn’t that difficult as it sounds! Here are some of the small business SEO top tips that will help you boom your business:

1. Choosing the right keywords

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you rank better in a search engine. The reason that you lag behind your competitors, or you are not getting enough visitors to your site is that, your rivals are putting colossal effort in using the right SEO technique than probably you are doing.

Using the right set of keywords and small business SEO technique can either make your break all your efforts. The classic web marketing formula says that, although those popular keyword search tools can help us drive traffic to our website up to a certain extent, the real challenge however, is to have a thorough understanding about your own site.

You can either use hit and trial method or logically perform hypothesis and tests to understand which exact set of keywords are most suitable for your business. You can also use Google AdWord’s ‘exact match’ feature to find specific and restrictive keywords. Some of the popular keyword research resources are: Moz Keyword Explorer, Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends, Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence and Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand.

An easy method to drive traffic to your site is by starting a new blog. Write posts for your blog and insert the right keywords under the right headings that directly relate to your business. While making a post, do remember that Google Algorithm only recognizes 100% unique and plagiarism free content. Small business SEO contents that are useful to the users and don’t have bogus keyword inserts rank high on the search engine list.

2. Join the Google My Business Account community

If you just started your business and you require walk- in customers, then a Google My Business Account can help you in growing your business faster. If you register your business with the Google My Business account, then when people use their smartphones to find nearby places, your business and its details will show up on the local map results on Google.com.

3. Building a mobile friendly website

Today, 70% of people use their smartphones to do a Google search. If your website is not mobile friendly and if some of the contents get spilled out from the mobile screen, it’s very likely that your visitors will soon get frustrated. Not only do you require optimizing your website to be mobile friendly, but your mobile website should have fast load speeds as well. All major website building tools such as WordPress, Weebly or Wix, have simple plugins to get you an automatic mobile friendly version of your website.

4. Understanding your target customers

If you just started a restaurant business, then it’s probably illogical to grab attention of the customers who are in search of a book publisher! Therefore, it’s very important to know your customers and understand what they need. You must use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pininterrest and others to grab attention of your customers. Also, you must never ignore the reviews and ratings given by your customers on a blog post or a product. Businesses with high response rates are preferred over those who chose to remain silent.

5. Optimizing your site

It’s really important for people to get faster results of what they are actually looking for. Here are some useful tips for optimizing your site:

  • Use internal linking to create more sensible themes and topics that will attract only those customers whom you are targeting at.
  • Use services such as Screaming Frog – SEO spider to get a clear cut picture of the required URLs, broken links, Meta descriptions and page titles for your site.
  • Other SEO tools worth considering are: Google Search Console, Moz.com, Ubersuggest and Answer the Public.
  • You can also link your hyperlinks to other website or vice versa, or in other words, create backlinks to get more traffic for your site.
  • Use profiles on different sites such as YouTube, Bing and Yelp to create useful backlinks.

Never let your small business SEO efforts go waste. Contact us to help boost your business growth and acquire more customers through a professional approach.


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