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Why your Website Needs a Content Audit

Why your Website Needs a Content Audit?

When heading for that big business marketing shot, the basic arsenal that gets everything started is a website content audit. Whether you get a positive or a negative content report – collect data, analyse the content carefully and seek recommendation of digital marketing Brisbane experts to get a tide over your conversion leads.

What is Content Audit and Why your Website Needs it?

Are you aware of every single bit of content on your website? A Website content audit helps you rediscover the same. Free content audit from Predicta Digital SEO Company Brisbane gives you a comprehensive report of all the contents on your website along with recommendations and strategies that works for your business.

The Need:

Put it simple, here’s why your website needs a thorough content audit:

  • If your website has a desired incoming traffic, but the rate of conversion and lead generation is unexpectedly poor.
  • If unclear or poor quality content on your website doesn’t gives a true representation of your company.
  • If you have already identified problems through Analytics, this should give you an additional and an in-depth insight.
  • If you want to improve your organic search visibility and SERPs ranking.
  • If content on your website isn’t arranged in a logical way and lack the right SEO strategy.
  • To eliminate accidental duplication and previously unknown site errors.
  • If you’re constantly uploading blog content, but they aren’t bringing you any sales.
  • To explore new and previously undiscovered trends that will aid in futuristic business growth.

How to Start a Website Content Audit

Though there are many websites which have preloaded software for website audit online, they often give a partial content inventory until you pay for it. A quality content report should at least contain the following reports to get started with a full website content redesigning:

Page Description, Accuracy, Relevance, Content Quality, Load time, Page size, Title Tag, Description Tag, Top Keywords, Keyword Optimization, Heading Tags (H1, H2 and H3), Social Shares, Mobile Optimization, Inbound and Outbound links density, Domain Link Analysis and more.

Personalization and Creating an Action Plan After a Content Audit

Once the preliminary audit is done, you can either assign the following tasks to a digital marketing agency to save time and get a professional personalization recommendation or, go through this guide for a step by step approach.

Gather the Data in a Logical Way

Once you have collected all the data, you must sort data according to priorities. You can simply use a spreadsheet for this. Use columns such as ‘error hyperlink’, ‘error type’, ‘priority status’ etc. to sort all the data you have collected at the time of audit.

Personalization of the Data

Now, there maybe hundreds of problems with your website, and fixing everything may take months during which your business may not be able to afford losing leads during this technological shift. Therefore, it’s best to first analyse and correct only the real problems and narrow down your focus to certain specific issues.  Obviously, ‘personalization of data’ is unique to every business, and here are a few pointers that can help you get started:

  • Functionality – Looking for the technical errors on site, such as broken links, video and images display issues, page load speed etc.
  • Readability – To check if your viewers are actually able to grasp your business idea ‘aesthetically’, such as fixing the readability scale, font size, background colors, catchy headings and subheadings etc.
  • Usability – Are your potential customers able to navigate easily throughout your site? Also, make sure your content is accessible to all users, across all platforms and web browsers and is also voice search optimized and mobile friendly.
  • Relatability – Here, you realize if the content on your website is actually proving to be of atleast some use to your viewers. If you find something unusual, upgrade your content to new researches, change the voice, create a social media buzz with SMO and push for more social engagements.
Creating an Action Plan

Once you have analysed the content thoroughly, it’s time to take necessary action steps in a sequential way. After doing hundreds of free website audits for our clients belonging to different business niches, we highly recommend some of these sequential modifications that your website may need immediately:

  • Fix or Minimize SEO errors.
  • Add details and ALT text to your images and videos.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Add or revise more relevant keywords to top performing and existing contents.
  • Update the contents with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Promote such pages/content on your website that are better performing than the rest.
  • Restructure your webpage for a better user experience and optimize your landing page for better lead attraction.
  • Reach out for social media optimization and make sure that your posts get more likes, more shares and more redirections to your website.

Once you are done with a head-to-toe content audit of your website and have taken all the necessary actions against it, always make sure that you keep a track of it every month. Not one size fits all in the world of digital marketing and make sure you always update, revise and restructure your ideas and strategies for a better ROI every time.


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