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Digital Marketing

Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the big challenge for any organization

Successfully evaluating the performance and impact of marketing campaigns requires the use of comprehensive digital marketing analytics. While Google Analytics is still the most used tool, application business often tend to feel is this the best we can get? Offscourse not !

Try our 360 degree view of your complete digital marketing performance in an interactive, intuitive dashboard. What is in the offering ?

  • Consolidated compresinve data acquisition from all your marketing channels SEO, SMM, Adwords what else …..
  • Interactive dashboard to show all your performance indicators
  • Deep dive and drill down to find the reasons for the goods and not so good results

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Why Predicta?

Connect anything

Get up and running in minutes with access to a constantly growing library of 600+ pre-built, painstakingly-maintained connectors - as well as a range of alternative options to connect to your data sources.

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Join everything

From sales to finance, advertising to marketing - seamlessly blend disparate datasets to create a single source of truth over business performance that you can trust.

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Transfer anywhere

Databases, data lakes, cloud storage, visualization software, or your favorite BI tools - send your data anywhere you want it and easily manage access for multiple business needs.

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Go deeper into your data

Pull data at any level of granularity you need and combine with intelligent tools and proactive analytics features that let you explore deeper than ever before.

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Unrivaled data transformation

Create transformations that can scale in complexity - from simple out-of-the-box transformations to elaborate executions that utilize python/regex-based syntax and can be stacked and structured.

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Data governance built-in

Easily ensure data quality and completeness, manage access across the entire business, and get complete control over your data security - all from a single place.

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This is why marketers love Predicta

No more manual reporting

No more manual downloads and complicated formulas, let Funnel do the heavy lifting for you.

It’s always easy to work with data

We believe marketers should be able to use their data without data teams, coding or hours in spreadsheets.

Better return on investment

Get the full picture of your marketing efforts so you can improve performance, spend smarter and drive growth.

How do we do it?

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