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Digital Marketing Analytics

Predicta Analytics is a single source, one stop shop for all your reporting and analytics need. It’s data modeling and provisioning architecture help ingesting, extracting data from any sources to provide advance visulaisation, reporting solution. Predicta Analytics is a scalable, secure, source system agnostic platform offering all your (digital marketing) reporting need

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Digital Marketing

In the ever changing world of Digital Marketing there are numerous tools and associated data available to get the key insights about digital marketing initiatives and campaigns. Businesses often miss the 360 degree view with required trends, performance metrics that can be derived from these data sets. Specific application specific reports provide you only one side of the story without showing the full picture. Predicta Analytic’s robust data models address all these issues by combining data from different channels/sources to complete the full picture. The interactive dashboards and scorecards show you the trends, ROIs, variances and all your hits and misses in just a few clicks ! Still not convinced? Seeing is believing ! Book for a no obligation demo and experience the beauty of advance visualisation

SEO Analytics

Want to rank higher in your preferred search engine and would like to see how the SEO initiatives are performing? Get the insight and take informed decision. Don’t wait for the monthly report from the agency or from your internal team to have unidirectional report with no flexibility to explore and intercat with the data for making key decision. Book a demo and see how SEO analytics can help you explore the hidden gem through self serve exploration.

SMM - Social Media Analytics

Enhance your social media strategy with our comprehensive Social Media Analytics service! Gain a competitive edge by accessing insights consolidated from various platforms, offering a complete 360-degree view of your online presence. 

Simplify your reporting process and make informed decisions with our all-in-one solution. Elevate your social media game today!

Adwords Analytics

Track and measure your adwords performance through interactive score cards and dashboards. Is it providing the desired ROI’s? Check the trend and live performance metrics. Are you overbudget or underbudget? Want to go next level? Check the impact on your sales/revenue.

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An analytical report within business operations utilizes both qualitative and quantitative company data to assess and scrutinize a business strategy or process. By leveraging evidence and analytics, this report empowers employees to make informed, data-driven decisions, thereby enhancing the organization’s capacity for informed decision-making and strategy refinement.

Analytical reports serve as the entry point to harnessing business intelligence (BI). As your organization grows smarter, it gains a competitive edge. Collaborating with these reports empowers you to make well-informed, precise decisions and adeptly address challenges or adapt to shifts in circumstances with unparalleled precision.


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