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Ways to increase your Website’s ranking on Google Search

The world of SEO seems to be overpopulated and undergoing saturation. With such a stiff competition, do you have the notion that ranking high on the Google Search list through SEO can be a very slow process? It’s actually not true! There is a big shortcut to everything and you can play the game right when you hit the right tactics of small business SEO at the right time.

Analyse What your Viewers Need

There are various tools provided by Google itself, which can help you plan and analyse which criteria may drive traffic to your website. You can connect Google Search Console (Previously known as Webmaster tools) to Google Analytics account, to view your website’s report. The ‘queries report’ helps you to know what people like about your website and what terms they searched for on Google. Using small business SEO techniques to improve your click through rates to at least 20% will help you crawl higher on the search engine result.

Analysis for small business seo

Organic vs. Paid Search

Since more and more businesses, blogs and companies are looking forward to promote themselves- Google may further push down your website in order to bring up the paid listings in their search results. You may call it biasing, but there is always a way out!

You must know that a Paid Search can get you instant traffic, but, once an organic search makes a hit, it will stay there for years to come! Organic Searches can be amplified by only one trick – being unique – be it your content, website, images, videos, product or anything else, it should be such that the world hasn’t experienced it before.

Paid Search vs Organic Search Small Business SEO
Paid Search vs Organic Search

Know what Google Wants

Since Google algorithm updates make turmoil, at least 300 times a year, it’s important to analyse what Google wants. Websites that are more credible, authoritative and authentic are analysed better by Google web crawlers.   Based on Google preferences, your content should optimally be high quality, relevant and useful to the readers.

Tip: Keep a regular check on ‘Google Trends’ to get an idea over what the world is asking Google for a specific topic.

google trends small business seo

What’s there in the Content?

Many say that more the details on the content, the better the ranking is. Some researchers also recommend maintaining a content length of 1000-2500 words. However, this is a myth! Content length has nothing to do with SEO! Though longer content length allows you to put in more values, increase keyword density and page engagements, it certainly isn’t the single most driving factor that brings traffic to your website.

Keyword usage, however, is one of the best driving factors that bring traffic to your website. Here are some of the important areas where you should promptly use the right set of targeted keywords:

  • Main Content – Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to look for high volume keywords that can bring you better conversions. Keywords that are high on competition may actually be futile for businesses that have just started to get a foothold in the online world. Your targeted keyword should preferably be in the first and concluding paras and at least 2-4 times in the entire article length.
  • Titles and Header Tags – A well curated header tag and article title that contains the keyword, is the first think that any visitor would look for. Google likes picking up websites that have strong titles and header tags.
  • Images – don’t forget that SEO can work wonders with images. You can indicate relevancy to your content by entering the right Alt Text, tag, title, description and caption to your images using the right set of keywords.

Besides, your content should be easily readable and may contain some outbound links that can give in- depth information to your users.

Content Marketing seo services melbourne
Content Strategy

Error Prevention

Imagine how stupid it feels when you click a link and get a 404 error, broken link or, perhaps a non-optimized mobile view of the content you are looking for! Page load speed is another area where you need to focus on, so that your visitors don’t get frustrated while they click on a link to your site. Always make sure that you choose a good web hosting service to get an optimum page load speed. Other factors that can rule the page load speed are: image sizes, video embedding, plugins and more.

site error prevention small business seo

Still confused? Get a Free Website Audit for Search Engine Optimization Melbourne so as to know if your website is SEO friendly and your chances of getting found on Google.


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