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Bad Digital Marketing Habits

How to Quit Doing Bad Digital Marketing Habits?

You invested all what it takes to see leads and conversions, but are you still unable to get the calculated ROI? Digital Marketing Brisbane experts have scrutinized and deduced how you can quit doing these bad digital marketing habits to boost your business profits to all-new possible dimensions:

1. Blogging Like a Pro

Blogging and SEO Content Marketing is the best way to drive potential customers to your website. Give compelling reasons to your website visitors for why they should purchase a particular product or service from you.

While Blogging, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Be Trending – Generate up-to-date content that is tuned with the latest industry trends. Keep a track of the latest Google Trends that relates to your business, create trackable content and get to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • Be Indirect – Don’t directly brag about your company, instead, let your viewers learn something interesting that will indirectly propagandize to reach for your products.
  • Make it Picturesque – Make the content visually appealing – people like to read through images, videos and infographics.
  • Touch the Heart – Elicit emotions in the content and make your viewers believe that you truly understand their problem and have a unique solution for it.
  • Apply SEO – Never forget to analyze, apply and keep a track of a unique SEO strategy with the right set of keywords. Integrate your content with the right SEO keywords to move up the search engine and let people find you faster.

2. Don’t Neglect Web Analytics

Analytics are the best way to learn if your business is heading in the right direction. Keeping track of both web analytics (such as Google Analytics) and social media insights (such as Instagram or Facebook Insights) should be done several times a week. Based on the positive or negative numbers, decide whether you need to change your scheduled business/ digital marketing strategies or refine your planned to-do list.

A good analytics tracking starts with a website audit (get it done for Free with Predicta Digital) that assesses your present marketing assets and gives information about the opportunities of filling the gaps. Next, track all your activities, such as a recent blog update, an ongoing offer on your product/service range or perhaps an inbound campaign. Always create a track of your analytics and maintain/update the records at least once a month.

3. Being Too Much Technical

While it’s very vital to be in-sync with the latest Google Algorithms updates, it’s also important to personalize your business theme. If you are strictly doing everything technical, it will make your potential customers think that the products/services you sell are ingenuine/automated.

Did you know? With Android or Siri Voice Search, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, people are typing less and talking more. This makes it all the way more crucial to make your business more searchable, relatable and conversational.

Here are some of the things to do so that your brand doesn’t looks too much robotic:

  • Put a limit to E-Mail Marketing Automation. Send mails that will really attract the interests of the customers, such as a weekly Blog Update, a fortnight Offer or an announcement of a new product launch.
  • Be Conversational, Engaging and Responsive on big social media platforms. Give warm and humble replies.
  • Limit cross postings, re-postings, re-tweeting and post alteration.
  • Don’t present the same idea or information over and over again in the same tone.
  • Make bold statements and give the opinions, if only you can support them in future with real facts and evidence.

Remember that being robotic is not the key, but being unique is what catches the attention of more potential business leads.

4. Not Managing your Social Media Pages Well

Owning Social Media Pages on different Social Media Platforms that Matters to Your Business and updating them regularly is the fastest way to create high rate of conversions. Owning a Social Media Page and managing it with the right Social Media Management techniques can make your business a hit in as less as in a month. Create quality content for your daily social media postings and reach through your customers through emotions and direct talk.

5. Hiring Industry Experts

Let’s face it! Trying to do everything all by yourself and being a one man army haven’t really made any business a true success story. When building a business/company, it requires some serious sources of investment/capital, manpower, time, and above all, a pool of creative brains that drives everything towards the desired goal.

Digital Marketing Brisbane is a creative as well as a technical process and hence, require an in-depth understanding of a number of things. Transferring the internet marketing duties to a professional digital marketing expert/SEO Company Brisbane/Social Media Melbourne that consists of a team of experts such as Digital Strategists, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, Ad Writer, Graphic Designer, Accounts Manager and other crucial tasks will together make a successful Digital Marketing Campaign.


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