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List of Top 50 Australian Business Directories to Help you Dominate Local Search Results

There are a number of ways with which you can drive targeted or local traffic to your website, but did you know that listing your business in the right Australian Business Directories is a critical SEO strategy to boost up your business profit? By just listing your name, address, contact number (NAP) and a brief info about your business/company in as many genuine local business directories as possible, can help you rank higher organically on search engines like Google.

Why is it important?

If you are a local business owner then the first most important step will be to add your business to Google my Business. Next comes listing your business on these Australian Business Directories. Business Directory Listings are an important Off-Page Optimization strategy that helps in boosting up web traffic as well as backlinks to your business website. It grows your SERPs performance (Search Engine Result Pages), especially, if you want to promote your local business for a specific region, for example, Brisbane or Melbourne in Australia. According to experts, if your business (with your NAP details – Name, Address, and Phone) is strategically listed on the best business directories, it plays a very important role in local rankings that can help you beat your competitors.

Some of the benefits of getting your brand listed on local site listings are:

  • Its part of the Google Algorithm, therefore it helps in ranking your business higher and promoting it locally.
  • Creates Brand Awareness and amplifies your online presence.
  • Improves your local visibility through advanced filtering.
  • Helps in Demographic Targeting
  • More the Directory listings, greater the benefits for SEO.
  • Gives and extra Validation to your already existing information.
  • Cheap Exposure, Very Cost Effective.
  • Ease in Paid Marketing or Targeted Advertising.
  • Great for Cross Promotion on Social Media Platforms.
  • Building trust and loyalty through customer reviews.
  • Attracting new customers and business growth by at least 20%.
  • Strengthens your business reputation.

List of Top 50 Local Australian Business Directories

Our list of top local Australian Business Directory Site Listings is based on the following criteria:

  • Domain Authority or Ranking Power for your particular business type.
  • Generic Sites for all businesses
  • Free or Paid Listings
  • Country Specific
  • Given due credit by Google Search Traffic 2018
  • Spam free listings
  • Alexa Ranking (giving data about website popularity for a specific country using a combination of average daily visitors and page views)
  • Other ranking tools such as ahrefs.com that measures the actual volume of traffic for a website.
  • Active Sites that actually work
  • Accepts New Listings for new businesses

Based on critical audits, we weeded out these top Local Australian Business Directory list websites that will help you in bringing some real traffic for your business:

  1. whitepages.com.au 
  2. yellowpages.com.au
  3. truelocal.com.au
  4. wordofmouth.com.au
  5. dlook.com.au
  6. hotfrog.com.au
  7. localsearch.com.au
  8. startlocal.com.au
  9. yelp.com.au
  10. street-directory.com.au
  11. aubiz.net
  12. cylex.com.au
  13. localbd.com.au
  14. find-us-here.com
  15. aubiz.org
  16. yalwa.com.au
  17. aussieweb.com.au
  18. locanto.com.au
  19. bestinau.com.au
  20. tuugo.biz
  21. aroundyou.com.au
  22. australianguide.net
  23. localbusinessguide.com.au
  24. australianplanet.com
  25. 4wdaction.com.au
  26. nationaldirectory.com.au
  27. fyple.biz
  28. superpages.com.au
  29. bloo.com.au
  30. atozpages.com.au
  31. local.com.au
  32. localstore.com.au
  33. bisnzz.com
  34. a2ztradies.com.au
  35. everythingauto.com.au
  36. smea.org.au
  37. businessforsale.com.au
  38. ozbusiness.com.au
  39. starofservice.com.au
  40. pinkpages.com.au
  41. aussie-hours.com
  42. all-opening-hours.com.au
  43. goguide.com.au
  44. poter.com.au
  45. store-finder.net
  46. foursquare.com
  47. brownbook.net
  48. whereis.com
  49. 2findlocal.com
  50. infobel.com

    Preparing for your Business Listing Information

    It’s undoubtedly the simplest piece of information for your business, but it’s definitely a very time consuming one that requires you to enter the same data time over again. Thus, before starting up the work, you would need to gather up the following data to make the process much easier:

    • Business Listing Titles
    • Business Contact Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) along with contact e-mail address
    • 2-3 Unique Business Descriptions
    • Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PinInterest and Instagram – depending upon your business type)
    • Business Image Logo (300 x 300 px)
    • 5-10 Images that showcase your business concept (for example, if you own a gym, you can put images of different classes, equipment in your gym etc.)
    • Business ABN
    • Opening Hours
    • A preferred login name and password to be entered across all channels.

    Directory Submission Tools

    There are several directory submission tools available online that makes the work easier for you. However, do remember that not all directory listing websites accept the information received from such automatic tools. So, there may be chances that your listings may get rejected. Some well-known automatic submission tools are Yext, Universal Business Listing, Localeze, Infogroup, YP and ReachLocal.

    To be on a safer side and ensure that your business information is listed, we highly recommend a semi-automatic approach.

    Pro Tip: You may also use your browser’s auto-complete function to enter the same data manually on different websites.

    Directory Submission Do’s and Don’ts

    • Search the directory before placing the listing to ensure no duplicate listings are hosted.
    • Feed in the maximum possible info about your business for each of your business listing.
    • To keep the content unique, try varying the descriptions/ titles.
    • Use dedicated and similar login credentials.
    • Check if your listing has been confirmed (most listings take 1-14 days to be confirmed)
    • Ask your present customers/clients to enter reviews on top listings.
    • Business Listing is actually a never ending process and your Name, Place and Address (NAP), not to mention your website’s URL backlink, should be regularly updated and be consistent throughout the internet. Any variation in the information of your business’s NAP, across different platforms, can confuse Google, and push you down across the search engines.
    • After you have listed yourself on all important online Business Directories, it’s always a smart idea to Google yourself! This helps you to re-check your citations and validate if all your information is up to date. We recommend doing this step, at least twice every month.

    Create, Claim and Update your listing today. Since online Australian business directory have gotten a strong place in the digital world, neglecting them can actually hurt your business.

10 thoughts on “List of Top 50 Australian Business Directories to Help you Dominate Local Search Results

  1. That’s an awesome compilation. It would be awesome if you include our site to your list as well: https://thebom.com.au/ (the BOM is a 21st century platform for customers to connect to business owners in a constructive way, no need for 1 star reviews with us, keep it above board and you may be surprised at the outcome!)

  2. You have included many directories, thanks for this. HelloQld is one of the online directories came up with an entirely new concept compared to all online directories in the world.
    Business owners can
    a) what is their selling point, what is their unique difference
    b) Can create a free URL for business owners if they do not have a website
    c) If they have a website can create backlinks to improve Google ranking(crates mini website)
    d) Can do their own SEO
    e) Can publish blog articles
    f) Can write FAQs, deals,
    g) Connects the Queensland community with many links
    h) Many more,,,,, that is the reason world’s first online directory to have new features

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