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How Facebook can help you to grow your business

How Facebook can help you grow your business?

Started a new business and want to grow it big? This is the era of Facebook and no business can ever dream of growing big without the former. The main agenda for all small businesses is to acquire the maximum number of new customers, and, social media platforms, like Facebook, help you to achieve that even faster. Here are some of the top reasons why Facebook has become an indispensable tool to grow your business:

Engaging Directly With Audience

Engaging your customers and publishing the right content for them is the most trending way of giving a huge exposure to your business. With your Facebook posts, you can engage your audience, create new fan base, get hits and likes, and if you are on the right track and hitting the right set of targeted audiences, your ideas and subsequently your business, can go viral in no time!

Facebook Audience for Business

Ideally, the content that you post on Facebook should be 80% industry or audience based and the remaining 20% may specifically talk about your business or business promotions.

Placing Ads

Every business needs some advertisement to promote their sales or services. Placing ads on news feed of Facebook pages is not only one of the cheapest advertisement options, but, it can also help you fetch the targeted customers with its customizable reach feature.

Facebook Ads for Business

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on the Insights feature of your Facebook page to know how Facebook ads can get you more hits than doing it the organic way. The Insights feature will also let you know about what kind of content your audiences love to read and thus, it helps you to set new business goals accordingly.

Demographic Reach

Facebook is probably the best option for small businesses that are looking out for maximized local reach. Facebook helps you get targeted local audiences and customers through its page posts and ads by concentrating on your businesses’ demographic needs. For instance, if you own a gym in Brisbane, you can create settings for getting engagements for only the areas around your vicinity.

Facebook Demographic Reach grow your business

Getting New Customers

With Facebook’s new ad formats, a person who likes one of your posts may soon become your loyal customer! Carousel Ads that showcases products on a person’s news feed can redirect people directly to your website or online store and help your business to grow faster.

Getting New Customers with Facebook grow your business

Customer Services, Returning Customers and Reviews

After sales services are crucial for any business type – it shows that you care for your customers and have a trustworthy business. Your Facebook Page can be the best platform for getting testimonials and reviews for your business. You can post the best reviews on top of your page to attract new customers using the Embed Post Code feature. You must also be in constant touch with your customers by answering their queries and it is preferable to maintain a 100% query response time.

Facebook Customer Reviews

Today, about 86% of B2B marketers use digital content marketing to promote their business and publishing these contents on a Facebook page helps them get more reach for their targeted customers.  Publishing content on Facebook also helps in ‘word of the mouth’ advertising for your business.


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