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Online Marketing for Local Business

How to Optimize Online Marketing for Local Businesses?

In 90% of the searches made online, when a customer looks out for a query on a search engine, they tend to choose a link that is listed on the first page of the search engine result. To get your local business to the top of the search engine result page, here is how you can optimize online marketing for local businesses:

Take Help of Google

Google itself can help you rank higher on the search engine result. Here are some of the ways by which Google can help your local business acquire more customers:

Placing Information

 Let every page of your website speak about you. You should place information such as your business name, address, contact number, hours of operation, maps and services, social media buttons and more, preferably in the footer or at the right hand side of each of your web pages in your website. The header of your website should also contain a logo and a business name that should redirect to the home page upon clicking.

Keyword Targeting

 Keywords are one of the most important SEO techniques that help you perform better on a search engine. Keywords not only help you drive targeted audiences to your website, but it also helps visitors know what your site is all about. For example, if you constantly use ‘SEO Services Melbourne’ or ‘Digital Marketing Brisbane’ as keywords on every single page of your website, then people will recognize you as a digital marketing agency or a company that helps in the promotion of digital marketing. However, while choosing the keywords, make sure you focus more on non- branding keywords than branding keywords.

Prioritizing Crucial Google Ranking Factors

 Some of the most important Google local ranking factors that can have a huge impact on your business include aspects such as citations, crawl competency, quality content, geo targeting, basic SEO aspects (especially, title tags and meta descriptions) and user generated content.


 We recommend choosing a combination of organic Search Engine Optimization and regular investments in Pay per Click Advertising to get the best results. Both have their Pros and Cons, but when used together, they give better, faster and long lasting results. While organic SEO can bring to you genuine traffic, a parallel PPC campaign can help you know which clicks are actually getting you those phone calls and hits for your business.

Know the Stats

Today, about 97% of the consumers are looking online for local information, 78% use mobiles to make both online/ offline purchases, and 50% of these purchases are generally made within 2 hours of searches, at an average.

To get what the user wants, we recommend you to focus upon online marketing factors such as website optimization, location data, on page SEO, Reviews and Link Building to get your business to the top.


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